Holistic Career Training

The field of Holistic Careers in massage therapy, polarity therapy, holistic skin care and aesthetics spa treatments is growing rapidly with new spas and health centers opening continually. Additionally, many insurance companies, self-insurers and hospitals are also recognizing the value of prevention through massage and polarity therapy as a way of containing costs. Currently less than 15% of the population receives regular massage sessions and the field polarity therapy is still a new field so the potential for growth is significant. And as the Baby Boomers age, the field of holistic skincare or aesthetics is in increasing demand.


Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is based on the traditional massage techniques from Swedish Massage as well as the advanced techniques of Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Massage and many other techniques that have developed over the years. The work is often appropriate for clinic settings such as hospitals, sports clubs, as well as chair massage kiosks, cruise lines and health and wellness clinics. With an emphasis on developing outcome based strategies that focus on working with the body rather than against the body, the work is used by athletes and physically active people as well as those who are recovering from injuries. As with all massage, an in depth understanding of anatomy and physiology, kineseology and contra-indications are all fundamental to being able to do excellent work.

Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage Therapy is massage therapy performed on a holographic model. This is a complex training that builds on the therapeutic massage skill set with the addition of polarity therapy knowledge and techniques. The combination of physical and energy based therapies gives the practitioner a much larger set of skills to draw on when developing a treatment plan. Using the concepts and skills of polarity allows for working with a broader population including the elderly, children and people recovering from chronic or traumatic health issues. Polarity also has the added advantage of being a gate way therapy for people with body image issues who do not want to disrobe. In the spa or clinical setting, holistic massage is a great addition that is less physically demanding for the practitioner and more harmonious with the needs of the client than just therapeutic massage.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a relatively new synthesis of techniques learned from western and eastern techniques. Based on many principles found in chiropractic, osteopathic and naturopathic studies, it also draws on the Sant Mat Shabda Yoga and Ayurvedic ancient traditions. The model of energy systems as defined in these practices addresses the concept that energy precedes form and to effectively work on chronic problems or to help people reach their highest potential, you need to first address the disturbances or blocks in the energy field.

Although this work is difficult for people to comprehend who are trained in the Western science tradition, for those who have studied meditation, yoga, shamanism and other non-linear, non-dualistic or material based studies, Polarity Therapy is often a significant treatment model. Covering energy based bodywork techniques, exercises, nutrition and mindfulness training, polarity therapists can either integrate the work with other therapies or have a pure polarity practice.

With the recent addition of the Board Certified Polarity Practitioner designation, the field is opening for insurance reimbursement and other acceptance. Polarity also is a great first therapy for people who do not want to disrobe as well as those who are looking to find and remove the subtle obstacles that are preventing them from fulfilling their potential.

Much like trying to explain color to a person who can’t see or chocolate to someone who has never tasted it before, polarity therapy is something that needs to be experienced rather than described. Descriptions of polarity therapy will always fall short from the actual experience of receiving a series of sessions.

Natural Skincare or Aesthetics

Aesthetics is a term that covers a wide range of work including skincare, skin problems like acne, makeup and waxing. The skin is the single largest organ of the body and during these times of mass media, social networks and cameras everywhere we go, the need for a good appearance has become more important than ever before. If a person doesn’t feel confident in their appearance it will usually hold them back from reaching their full potential. Additionally, the condition of the skin affects the overall health. If you have ever had a bad sunburn or rash you know the truth of the importance of healthy skin.

The program was developed to offer a superior spa oriented skill set using very pure products to promote the health, not just the appearance of the skin. By working with a variety of manufacturers as well as constantly updating the program as new products and equipment emerges, the aesthetics program is dynamic and exciting. There is also a high emphasis on learning about product sales, client education and booking clients in the spa, all essential skills no matter where a person works.


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