Holistic Education

Teaching Holistic Approach

At the core of all materials developed at PRI Educational Development Company is the concept of fully honoring all aspects of the person. The term Holistic applies to integrating all aspects together in an empowering and harmonious approach so the student has deep assimilation of the material.

This is accomplished by the development of teaching and support materials for both the student and the instructor so they can focus on technique and delivery rather than pulling together information from many different sources. Too often the educational experience includes using training materials that are disconnected or fragmented as the information comes from multiple sources. Therefore the A&P may be a general level A&P that is not taught in conjunction with a massage text that reinforces exactly what is happening in the A&P class. Without the tight integration of the materials covering the entire curriculum a teacher would have to pull from multiple texts and the student would have to take notes to tie it all together. Additionally, the teacher would have to figure out the best way to organize the material rather than being able to focus on learning outcomes, class dynamics and teaching style.

By using a tightly integrated and well thought out set of teaching and support materials, the programs gain consistency across multiple teachers and campuses. The school can have confidence that if the materials are followed as designed, all graduates should have the same skill set and language to communicate what the are doing. It also facilitates students who may transfer from different campuses. Consistency is critical for gaining quality outcomes.

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