Monthly Archives: June 2014

Mission Driven Living

The power of being driven by a mission instead of the pursuit of pleasure is a life changing experience. We are wired to receive positive reinforcement from brain chemicals that give feelings of connection, accomplishment and other feelings when we do certain things. These are produced from doing things with friends, sex, exercise, winning in competition and many other activities.

When you look at a lifetime, in the beginning children experience this from parties and many other activities that are sense oriented. This continues into our early social and sexual life as well as into the acquisition of material rewards which are also sense oriented. The problem is that with constant exposure to the stimulants that give us the positive brain chemicals, there is a diminishing return over time, thereby pushing people into addictive behaviors as they continue to chase the good feelings. Whether a person is addicted to food, exercise, risk, drugs, sex or work, the end result is that life becomes increasingly dissatisfying as a person increases the pursuit of the next high.

In time, either by upbringing, crisis or circumstances, people have to learn to connect with a higher calling to continue to find what they are looking for. It’s called living a mission driven life. When someone finally realizes that “there’s more to life” they begin to look for ways to make a meaningful contribution. Luckily, we are also wired to get happy brain chemicals when we find what is our unique calling. Whether it’s in research, entertainment, education, healing, building or any other positive activity, when you do it for the connection with spirit rather than for the money, your entire existence changes. You find you have more energy, are more creative and resilient as you go through challenges.

For many, doing creative healing work like massage, polarity or aesthetics fills them with purpose. When you mission is to make people healthier, happier or more beautiful, you are doing important work that helps other people. This can fill you with wonderful alignment and clarity.

It is our mission to help people find and fulfill their mission.