Holistic Careers

PRI Educational Development Company develops professional training for the spa and holistic career industries. With roots in massage therapy, polarity therapy and holistic aesthetics professions since 1980, PRI has been a leader in adult education with an emphasis on personal empowerment and programs that address all learning styles.

The outcome based programs are both practical and esoteric at the same time, recognizing the need for a superior skill set at the same time that excellent communication and relational skills are what allows sustainable success. The Spa and Holistic Therapies industry attracts a client with high expectations for a superior experience. PRI works to produce educational materials that supports schools in teaching the full skills required to excel.

With an emphasis on understanding the wide range of people who are drawn to these fields (mothers, nurses, social workers, trades people, therapists) and the range of prior education that spans high school to advanced degrees, the content is structured to support focused training in a full-time or part-time environment. The teaching materials are designed to support the teacher as well as to provide the students with a set of working documents that allows them to focus on what’s being taught rather than on taking notes.

The educational support materials include online videos, teacher notes, curricula and collateral material to assist the instructors to focus on technique rather than gathering teaching materials. The teaching materials also includes presentation timelines, tips and techniques as well as follow up materials and online videos that the students can access to support their learning while in school.

This is one of the most developed educational platforms available for teaching holistic careers.

We look forward to helping you get the high quality results you want for your students so they can be successful graduates.

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